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    Businesses around the globe are now seeking convenience to their likening, but often abject on account of unawareness, considering such necessity, we deliver the services of our capable I.T consultants, upon accomplishing various I.T associated business endeavors, their familiarization and peculiarity with digital marketing are vital enough for potential benefits.

    We assess your circumstances and give impeccable solution for potential results. Algorithms for perfect Business operations including signifying the odds of possible jeopardy in business are our distinctive entice.

    Best Digital
    Marketing Services!

    Marketing, specifically the Digital one is essentially required for any business to prosper from the initiation to its potential extent.

    We, However, can help your business to acquire concave recognition on digital platforms, imprinting substantial impact for certain. Lakhani solutions offer Digital Marketer services which includes some key aspects in this regard.

    Hardware Software Support

    Assuming the need for digitalization, we support the stance to provide any I.T related Hardware and Software support, and moreover arrange legitimate license for software on reasonable payment.

    I.T Audit

    As a fact, no company can prosper merely on uncertain passions, the need for a plan and practical implementation is a must, and regarding digital world, considering the approach of such a requirement, Lakhani Solutions presents near-perfect I.T audit services which initialize from concern databases into thriving business aspects.

    We are unwavering on our I.T endeavors, providing mastery in various allied facets comprising, Resourceful staff solutions, I.T security and infrastructure, Internal Audit, Data infrastructure, Security Risk Management, Business Continuity Plan and various others

    Cyber Security Policies

    We also seek out for security concerns of your business by providing anti-virus programs and Cyber security services to prevent odds of any domain being compromise, proven effective to the very root on any breach

    Development & Designing

    In viewing ideal perception on our developing and designing abilities, our clients are very much at contently eased. We provide services for the development and designing on the following aspects.

    Software Development

    Lakhani Solutions also holds substantial Software Developing specialties, recognizing the latest modes on the flow, assuming favorable on client’s demand.

    Software Developing subsequently includes programming/coding, a crucial phase, which is keenly considerate upon the most. Our developers comply with neat structural patterns of assertiveness.

    Development & Designing

    Concerning the building and maintenance of a website, the skills of web developers are needed. Lakhani Solutions provides efficient web developers, managing the obscure world of coding to render websites as fascinating, seamless, and intelligible, we intend to develop websites to our client’s likening.

    Our professional web developers are competent enough to present the enduring impact of your websites. In addition, Lakhani Solutions is a web and cloud hosting provider, can organize legitimately affirm licenses as well.

    E-commerce Development

    Recent world circumstances necessitate vogues of E-commerce to compete and grow. Lakhani Solutions gives the most exceptional E-commerce developing tacts which surely have a positive effect.

    Mobile App Development

    We provide Mobile App development with the utmost concern on getting the most flawless output as possible.

    Fundamentally, JAVA language is the structure which handles the mobile app development, Lakhani Solutions warmly consider such tasks to be griped with. Mobile Apps must have faultless functioning and we consider such importance as our chief concern.

    Social Media Marketer

    Immense traffic is evident on social media, holding on almost every individual. Lakhani Solutions also concerns about vigorous impact via Social Media Marketing, We are well recognized as social media marketers, notably on Facebook, inclined to provide possible advantages for your business to resplendence.

    Search Engine Optimization S.E.O

    Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as S.E.O, considered to be the most dynamic component in the Digital marketing, some simple illustration of keywords are important enough to vary the fate of any business. Lakhani Solutions has the privilege to hold a team of experienced S.E.O handlers and operatives, easing your way to maintain the dominant position on various search engines layout.

    Content Writing

    Significance for Choice of words and their delineation are very much likely undeniable, as far as business is concern. Businesses around the globe craved out of such lean, Lakhani Solutions provides vast expertise in content writing, words of creative magnetism, can express viewpoints for your business which surely enhance its lucrative importance.

    Graphic Designing

    Lakhani Solutions will assert utterly on the graphic designing virtuosity, we hold innovative and determined Graphic Designers, competent enough to render concurred yet splendid Graphic work required for your business.

    Pay Per Click P.P.C

    Abbreviated as Pay Per Click, is an online marketing mechanics reckon to generate revenue on account of per click on your advertisement by any individual interested. Lakhani Solutions offer such wonder without any reckless and cluttered output, making your business profitable and easily accessible for the administrators.

    Data Services

    We provide prominent data and infrastructure services for our clients.

    Data Analytics

    Lakhani Solutions offers data analytical service, we are efficient in analyzing the raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. We use effective yet less prominent techniques and processes of data analytics to automate it into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption. Our Data analytics certainly helps a business to optimize its performance.


    For near impeccable handling and Displaying, Lakhani Solutions provides market data and connectivity services for the customers with access to their account information, approval requests and reporting tools.

    Wall Board

    Lacking precise information, it is hard to verify that you make the right decisions about staffing and changes in your customer service. Obtaining continuous reports with summaries showing historical data is of course very good. But it is just as important to be able to see what is happening here and now. By being able to see what is happening in the company’s response groups in real time, you can make more data-driven decisions about what is required to take your customer service to the next level

    MIS Management Information System

    Management information system (abbreviated as MIS) is a computer system consisting of hardware and software that serves as the backbone of an organization’s operations. Lakhani Solutions offers MIS services, consolidate data from multiple online systems, analyzes the information, and reports data to help in management decision-making.

    Hosting Provider

    We also provide services for Web hosting, allowing organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. Lakhani Solutions offers the technologies and services required for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted, and stored, on our servers. We offer domain services and also provide VPS/ Services, Our services on data archiving and disaster recovery are exceptional with the addition of business continuity plans.

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